House to House When it’s Convenient 

All those in JW land know this verse:

 Jehovah’s Witnesses pride themselves with being the only ones going from house to house. 

In context of the New Testament, we know the early churches met in homes.  (Act 2:2,46, 5:42, romans 16:3-5 etc).  Apostles and teachers would travel around from “house to house” visiting and preaching in the house churches.  They were instructed by Jesus to enter a city to stay in one house for the duration and not keep going around from house to house (Luke 10:7).  The churches were instructed not to welcome anyone into their house (church) who brought a different gospel than the one they had received. This was so a heretic would not be heard teaching in the house churches. (2 Cor 11:4) Its also the context for shaking off the dust from your feet.  If the traveling preacher was not listened to or welcomed in a home or town, They were to shake the dust off against them (Matt 10:14)

So what else described their experience as they traveled house to house?  They broke bread with one another and ate together. (When early believers broke bread together they were obeying the command to “do this in remembrance of me”)

Do Jws break bread from house to house?  No, this kind of derails their thinking. Which is why they do THIS to the following verse: (finally getting to the point of this post, Twist in Translation)

In the shot below, notice the Greek mentions breaking bread and “according to house”

Now let me show you by comparing the other house to house verses in the NWT that “according to house” means “house to house”

In green, you can see that in all three verses “according to house” is in the Greek. 

But why would NWT change the wording in the first verse?

I think it’s clear.  They have made a “house to house” doctrine for themselves that this verse does not fit into. Therefore it must be changed to uphold their doctrine. 

And in blue you can see they ignored “breaking bread” in the Greek and just made it say “sharing food.”  This, too serves their doctrines and teachings because they of course don’t break bread from house to house…nor do they break it at all (in the sense that they are partaking of bread or wine in relation to the covenant of Christ). 

It’s a tangled web they weave. If you want to know what the Bible teaches, just read it. 

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  1. UndercoverJW says:

    How does their mysterious translation committee sleep at night? I wish I could be there when they discuss passages like this and decide together to tweak them to fit their doctrine. I wonder what kinds of rationalization goes into the justification of such a practice.


    1. WordGirl says:

      It’s definitely a reckless and damning occupation.

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