Jehovah’s Witnesses’ long lost Brother in the Mail

I got this in the mail today and I thought “Oh, how nice, someone is sending out tracts to the public. (I got my letter from one of Jehovah’s witnesses last month and I also appreciate their efforts to share their faith as do all sorts of people who claim the title of Christianity). I started reading through the booklets and quickly realized the writers of these little booklets believe Very similarly to my JW friends. Then I saw it:

What is this you might wonder? The Divine Plan of the Ages was a book Charles Russell, founder of the Jehovah’s Witness religion, wrote. It’s one of a series of books …a couple of which I have in my own collection.

Notice the cover?

So the purpose of this post isn’t to go into the history of the groups or anything too elaborate. But here’s a quick wicki search of the history of the Laymen’s home missionary movement.

I remember when my sister was first getting interested in Jw teaching, she came across the Laymens and was surprised to find another group agreed with the things the witnesses she was studying with were saying. “See? They aren’t the only ones who believe these things.” I don’t think she knew they had the same roots. I didn’t at the time.

So I just wanted to share this little experience I had today to point out that JWs do in fact have offshoots. Jws are themselves an offshoot and they also have offshoots of themselves.

We all need to realize the truth is not found in any particular offshoot of Christianity. The truth is Christ himself and in him is our salvation. He is the Way. The Truth. And the Life. He is the Door. There is no other. ❤️


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  1. Great content 🙂 Thank you


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