Jesus the only direct creation of Jehovah? 


My purpose here isn’t to show that Jehovah made more things directly than Jesus (because, Biblically, Jesus was not created in the sense that he had a beginning. He only had a beginning as a man which he humbled himself to become)
What I want to point out is the obvious contradiction to this watchtower teaching. Obviously Jehovah directly made man. So how could the statement be true that Jesus was his only direct creation?  Can the watchtower be trusted?  It contains truth but is it all true?  And if it’s not…why should a JW be forbidden to question it? Forbidden to research it’s credibility?  Encouraged not to think indepentantly? (See “is scripture sufficient” to see watchtower quotes about the perils of thinking independently or reading scripture alone without the help of the watchtower)


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  1. Andrew J Black says:

    Excellent point, I would further question the biblical support of Jesus being a creation. because several times throughout the gospels Jesus claims to be I am, and this was the reason for the Jewish rulers seeking his death. The NWT re-words the text of scripture to remove several of these accounts, but if you look in places such as Hebrews 1:8 You can find references to God the father calling Jesus God in addition to son.


    1. WordGirl says:

      Absolutely! You bring up great points. I try to keep the posts here very “bite sized.” none of them are exhaustive in their topics, but just take a look at the immediate context and translation issues. There’s so much more to be said 🙂 I do have posts on here that address the points you brought up. I hope you’re enjoying the blog. Thanks for visiting 🙂


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