Flag Worship

This is a screenshot from a fb post a Jw friend posted recently.

Let’s talk about flag worship.

First let me ask some questions:

Before a JW ever accused you of worshiping the flag, had it ever occurred to you that you were worshiping it?

Have you ever worshipped anything accidentally?

What is worship, anyway?  Is worship in a gesture? Or is it a posture of the heart?

Can I sing a “worship song” in church and not actually be worshipping?

All these are relevant questions but let me ask a few more:

Is a man worshipping a woman if he tips his hat to her?

Is a woman worshiping the queen if she curtseys?

Are Chinese people worshiping one another when they bow towards each other?

Does a soldier worship his officer when he salutes him?

Do men worship the dead if they remove their hat in the presence of the coffin?

Is it worship to kiss someone’s hand? What if it’s an important person?

What about getting on bended knee to propose?

As a woman who loves God more than country or family or self, I will easily say I have never worshipped the flag. Never would I do so, nor have I ever been asked to do so.  Not in school.  Nowhere.  Ever. Part of the “Pledge of Allegiance” is the admission that this is a country which is UNDER GOD.  In other words, God is the authority ABOVE the authority of this country.

Similarly, I submit to my husband who is under God. I give him respect that is due him because of his authority over me…and he, too, is under authority.  The authority of Christ.

The NWT is careful to change the word “worship” to “obeisance” when it applies to Jesus. Evidently, obeisance is ok Because it isn’t worship. Yet, when obeisance (which is harmless and void of worship) is paid to a country which represents freedom of worship, foundational Christian values, and self proclaims that it is under God, we are accused of worshiping it.

This is not true. It’s a lie concocted by those who wish to elevate themselves above the “pagans” in “Christendom” who “worship” things other than God.

Let’s be honest.

(PS) this is not an invitation to talk about the moral downturn of the country. I’m not even promoting the pledge of allegiance. But just trying to bring to light the way the Org presents issues like this one in a misguided way so as to make others look like pagans in comparison to themselves).


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